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September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story is an inspiring book that reflects the indomitable spirit of America and Americans.

On September 11, 2001, The Wall Street Journal’s main newsroom – located just across the street from the World Trade Center – was obliterated by falling debris and flaming smoke. For much of the day, it seemed certain that the paper’s dynamic managing editor, Paul E. Steiger, had been killed or seriously injured.

This is the true story of how the traumatized men and women of the Journal and Dow Jones – journalists, graphic designers, technicians, administrative assistants, compositors, and delivery truck drivers – overcame their personal anguish and confusion and rallied to publish a Pulitzer Prize-winning edition on September 12th.

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Reviews & Testimonials

This moving, exciting story deserves attention from anyone interested in the history of American media or looking for a stirring example of journalistic ethics in action.

Publishers Weekly (Booklife)

A thrilling and inspiring tale of journalistic dedication.

Kirkus Reviews

The most detailed and dramatic look yet at the [Wall Street Journal’s] Pulitzer-winning work following the terrorist attacks.

The Poynter Institute

An incredible book. Absolutely amazing.

James Lowe Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host - iHeart Network

Grips you as soon as you begin reading the book. It’s really the proverbial page-turner because these are real stories that you’re reading.

Rob Cornilles Founder & CEO - Game Face, Inc.

One fantastic story. I’m sure that it will be a global bestseller.

Malcolm Gallagher Anchor, BizVision Network

There could be a movie about this. This is a truly compelling story. It is so relatable.

Dan Gaffney The Dan Gaffney Show

September Twelfth is an amazing story about how The Wall Street Journal produced Pulitzer-winning coverage while overcoming incomparable obstacles. It’s a story about perseverance, diligence and a commitment to doing a job, and doing an excellent job — something that everybody can learn from.

Christopher S. Roush Dean and Professor, School of Communications - Quinnipiac University

The heroic story of how the world's most important newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, handled 9/11 has not been told until now. This riveting account shows how that incredible day reflects the American spirit. September Twelfth is not to be missed.

Robert L. Dilenschneider Author and Founder, The Dilenschneider Group

Dean Rotbart makes a compelling case about the ability of Americans to act independently and collectively problem-solve. That the staff of The Wall Street Journal overcame tremendous obstacles to publish the next day’s edition on time speaks volumes of a corporate culture and professional ethos and the vital contribution that the fourth estate brings to the viability of the grand American experiment.

Dr. David F. Winkler Author & Historian Naval Historical Foundation

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